17 January 2009

10 Tips to Improve Your Speaking Voice

# Instructions :Breathe from your diaphragm - Practice long and controlled exhales.

# Use pitch - Lower pitches generally are more soothing to hear.

# Moderate your volume - Find out if you speak too loudly or too softly. 

# Moderate your pace -If you speak too quickly, people can’t keep up. If you speak too slowly, people will lose interest.

# Articulate - Try exaggerating your lip movement to reduce mumbling.

# Practice your speech in advance and determine where you want to pause for a breath.

# Loosen up before you begin. Look side to side. Roll your head in half-circles and roll your shoulders back.

# Posture - Stand up straight and tall to allow full lung capacity and airflow.

# Record your voice repeatedly using different ways of speaking. Determine which one is most 


# Practice breath control - Take a deep breath, and while you exhale, count to 10 (or recite the      months or days of the week).